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The Event

Janssen’s annual ‘Kick Off’ event took place at The Celtic Manor Resort, Newport, in February 2023. The event spread across all areas of our expertise, featuring a large plenary, an awards show, a gala dinner and an after-show party within a breakout room.

The Design

In collaboration with The MCI Group, we provided the technical, scenic, and creative aspects of this event, providing comprehensive delivery that encompassed CADs and visualizations.

The After Show Party

After the celebrations, guests were invited to the “After Show Party”. The brief called for a retro and futuristic theme, seeing T.H. Collective transform the venue’s EXPO hall into a hybrid 80’s party. The impressive and immersive space created a truly one-of-a-kind experience for all involved. Everything was considered, from carefully curating a collection of art to be framed upon the walls, to the hanging decorations, a gaming area featuring retro arcade games, a 360-degree selfie machine, along with a stage featuring bands and DJs.